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Adult USD: $79.00; Child USD: $69.00
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Enjoy a Close Encounter with the West Indian Manatee
Snorkel with the Manatees with a guided tour from our U.S. Coast Guard Licensed Captains. Tours conducted daily in the beautiful Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge. Get up close and personal with these amazing mammals and learn about our ecosystem and their habitat. Private and semi-private tours of up to six people are available and large school, church or scout groups can be accommodated with sufficient notice.

Unlike many tours, our Guides will actually swim with you and your group to ensure that you have a memorable experience. While in the water, your tour guide will take high-definition photos and videos of you and your group which you will be able to view and purchase at the end of your trip. 

What to Expect
Much like Elephants on an African Safari, Manatees are protected in the refuge and may not be approached within certain boundaries, remember this is THEIR home we are visiting, so we cannot guarantee an encounter with these amazing animals. Peak encounter season is November through March when the water temperatures lure these gentle mammals to the warm, spring fed waters of the Crystal River. While the water temperature is a consistent 72 degrees, the air temperatures during these times vary, from the 80s in the summertime and down into the 30s during the winter.

An excellent video is available to the public that can answer many of your questions related to the rules that we adhere to during our encounters. This is published to YouTube by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, the video can be viewed at

What You Should Bring
• Hat or Sunglasses (polarized lenses are better to view Manatees from the boat)
• Swim Suit & Towel
• Sunscreen
• Comfortable/Warm Clothes to cover up once out of water

Masks, Snorkel, Wet Suits, provided for all ages.
Wet Suits can accommodate most guests (Sized from Toddler to 6X Adult)

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